Malcolm Turnbull’s revenge on the Liberal Party would be futile without the media egging him on.

It is destroying any chance he ever had of being even mildly not hated by the party he almost wrecked as PM and is now seeking to wreck as Citizen Turnbull.

He is the miserable ghost he swore he wouldn’t become.

You could argue he is defending his legacy but that makes the assumption that he has a legacy to defend.

The past week has been simply remarkable and the stories are moving so fast it is almost impossible to keep up … here are some ‘highlights’:

Turnbull election timing

Turnbull giving election advice is like Wayne Bennett giving a speech about loyalty. Or Turnbull himself giving a speech about loyalty.

Remember, Turnbull was the genius behind the eight-week double dissolution election in 2016 that was meant to win him a mandate and throw the minor parties out of the Senate

Yep. Genius.

He suffered a three per cent swing, lost 14 seats, hung on by a knife’s edge and Pauline Hanson won several seats.

Turnbull barely cared about the election and barely campaigned, such was his arrogance. Nothing’s changed except he’s now lost what he had to steal to get and is working to make sure no one else can have it either. Pathetic.

Now he’s giving advice to Scott Morrison about election timing:

“My view is that it would be manifestly in the best interests and prospects of the Morrison government to go to the polls as soon as it can after the summer break.

“In fact, my intention, and Scott’s intention for that matter, prior to my being removed as prime minister was to go to the polls on March 2, and that would be exactly three weeks before the NSW state election.”

Unless there is video footage of Morrison vigorously arguing for a March 2 election, this is bull. No one would be so dumb as to argue for this timing … Except for Turnbull.

“Morrison has got to judge the right timing for an election but you would understand there is a real concern in NSW Liberal circles that a very good, outstanding government led by Gladys Berejiklian is going to have its prospects of success diminished because of the brand damage to the Liberal Party caused by the leadership change in August,” Mr Turnbull said.

Turnbull has literally learned nothing.

Morrison last week announced an April 2 federal budget, meaning the election will probably be held on May 11 or 18.

Turnbull is suggesting going early to save the NSW Government. There’s no guarantee of that.

It gives Morrison less time to sell the government and establish himself as PM.

It is either the most intentionally worst advice ever given or Turnbull has actually lost the little political nous he had. Which is likely impossible as there was none to begin with.

Alex Turnbull can’t hide his inner misogynist

Sticking with the Turnbull clan … Alex Turnbull is a regular at The Breakdown. In case you’ve missed the reality of this entitled snob, he’s very unlikable.

Usually he keeps his tweets to hawking renewables but he’s always got one boot ready to stick into conservatives.

First, he saved all his pocket money and gave it to Sleeping Giants. It was reported on 3 December. Keep that date in mind.

This is interesting because over the weekend Janet Albrechtsen had a fantastic analysis of Sleeping Giants, as did The Mocker.

Both are worth reading.

Basically, Sleeping Giants targets advertisers on right-wing media. Without the advertisers, the outlets go broke.

Irony of ironies, on the same day as the donation was reported, Alex took to Twitter. This exchange appears to be, you know, quite misogynist, from young Alex.


James Morrow is right. Sleeping Giants would seek to shut him down … if he were of the right.

But he knew he’d done wrong, so came back with this. Yeah, see what he did there? He doubled down.

What a charmer!

There’s a bit of history between Albrechtsen ad the Turnbulls.

According to Albrechtsen, Turnbull considers her an enemy.

Albrechtsen is sure not to care; Turnbull’s enemy list is growing. They hold meetings fortnightly. At the SCG. It’s standing-room only.

What makes Alex’s tweet even better is that it came just after this slap at Peter Dutton:

Self-awareness is missing in the Turnbull household.

Nyunggai Warren Mundine unleashes

In the past five years or so, former ALP President Warren Mundine has become a darling of the right in Australia for his no-nonsense take on the world. Especially Indigenous issues, where BS flows deep and strong.

Watch Mundine Means Business on Sky and you’ll see what the fuss is about. Here’s why: the hardest job in Australia is being in small business or farming. You’d have to be mad to do either.

Actually, scrub that.

The hardest thing in Australia is being in small business and being Indigenous.

Forget trying to get a rental house as an Indigenous Australian – try going to someone and asking them to trust your business. To spend money with you. Every prejudice White Australia suppresses would come to the surface – how bloody hard for those business owners to sell their story? Talk about tough.

That’s what Mundine Means Business is about.

Mundine speaks to Indigenous business people around Australia who are doing the hardest yards there are. It’s inspiring stuff. We’re talking small businesses or startups, often in the middle of nowhere.

Watch it.

Another reason we love Mundine: Mundine gives no Fs.

Now it appears he’s declared war on the Turnbulls.

First, it was Malcolm.

He earned a block for that.

And he went to the defence of Albrechtsen against Alex.

Fine work, sir, on many fronts (Mundine, not Alex).

Some op-ed highlights

Andrew Bolt dissects Katharine Murphy.

Murphy – or Murpharoo as Turnbull called her – goes all gooey at the thought of Turnbull. How else could anyone explain this?

By early afternoon on the Friday, the adventure of Malcolm Turnbull, leader of the Liberal Party and prime minister of Australia, was at an end. This was all irrational of course, but what could you expect? It was all a form of madness, and he, Turnbull, was the rational actor caught in the maelstrom, surrounded by panic merchants and mouth-breathing populists encroaching on his sanctuary. How else could this story possibly end but with a retreat to Point Piper?

When it ended, Turnbull was phlegmatic. Wife Lucy, who joined him at the midpoint of the farewell, brimmed with tears; daughter Daisy, dimpled, grounded, seemingly unruffled, watched her father and her lively children and the press pack gathered to officiate.

Over in the corner of the courtyard, the staffer charged with recording the proceedings stood sentry. The young man was masked as political aides are, with a stiff spine, until the moment his boss stopped speaking, turned on his heel and retreated to the private office for the last time; then his young face, pale from endless hours entombed in the shrinking spaces of the Turnbull prime ministership, crumbled, and he wept at the finality of things, at the brutality of the coda, and at the imperviousness of the world that was moving on relentlessly around him, composing the obituaries, rendering a formative experience nothing more than a postscript.

Remember … she’s a journalist. And an adult. Not a fangirl.

Turnbull is the ultimate ‘miserable ghost’, Caroline Marcus, Daily Telegraph.

To borrow Malcolm Turnbull’s own words, the Libs left ‘his arse’ for too long on the seat of C1, Dennis Shanahan, The Australian.

The Liberal Party made a big mistake when it removed Malcolm Turnbull in August 2018.

The Liberal Party should have removed him as Prime Minister in August 2016.

A move against Turnbull in the dismal days after a dismal Liberal performance at the July 2, 2016 election was perfectly understandable and most importantly, explicable.

If just 500 to 700 voters in several seats had voted the other way the Coalition’s majority would have been lost and the Liberals would have understandably moved against Turnbull without need for explanation.