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The diversity-loving left goes after Mrs Folau

By Liz Ellis’ logic, either Maria Folau has to disavow her husband or walk away from the sport.

Remember, the left loves diversity. Unless it disagrees with them.

Peter FitzSimons took many a blow to the head

And as he suffers, so do his readers. This is fully insane:

The Manly Daily had an interesting yarn on Friday, listing eight potential candidates to get Liberal preselection for the next federal election to replace Tony Abbott: Mike Baird, Natalie Ward, Rory Amon, Alex Dore, Tim James, Paul Ritchie, James Griffin, Margaret Cunneen (no, really) and Tim James. Good list, yes? But try this for an idea (which I also heard a whisper of last week). Zali Steggall declare for the Libs! If she could forgive them for their nastiness in the campaign, and they could forgive her for taking down Tony Abbott, it would be the perfect match. She always said she was a moderate Lib who wanted action on climate change, so it is not as if she would be hoodwinking the electorate. And such a move would head off a nasty Lib campaign next time round, and give her security of tenure. So I texted her, asking if she was thinking of it. This time, for the first time in months, no reply!

And this column from 2001 doesn’t hold up too well in light of the comments from Folau. But consistency isn’t one of the FitzSimons’ strong points – being continually wrong is.

This is Australia in 2019

From The Sun-Herald … multiculturalism in action:

Parents have been forced to homeschool their sons after verbal threats, homophobic and racist taunts and physical attacks at a high school in Sydney’s inner west.

Nina Lord said her 13-year-old son Benji had symptoms of asphyxiation after he was held in a headlock by another student at Ashfield Boys High School.

Mrs Lord said Benji was also coerced into reciting passages from the Koran by students who then told him he had converted to Islam.

On another occasion, a student threw a hardcover Bible at Benji during a Scripture class, and yelled: “You’re a dumb c**t”.

The NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said bullying of any kind was “absolutely unacceptable” in NSW schools.