Labor to increase ATAR entry for teaching

Tanya Plibersek wants to increase the ATAR for teaching and make it a career of choice.

The body which represents the 39 Australian universities offering teaching degrees has rejected Labor’s call for a marked increase in the ATAR entry levels of would-be teachers, saying there is no evidence that such a “quick fix” would work.

The president of the Australian Council of Deans of Education, Professor Tania Aspland, called on Labor to avoid confrontation with universities over the issue, saying: “I don’t think vice-chancellors prefer to work like that”.

Asked how Labor would respond to universities resisting the idea Ms Plibesek replied: “they should try me. I’m very serious about making sure that we attract the best and brightest to teaching because our kids deserve nothing less”.

There are lots of problems with this policy – no one’s written it yet, but this will cost a fortune.

Kevin Rudd is mad, you know

Rudd unleashes on Rupert Murdoch.

In addition to being mad, the problem with Russ is that he is unsatisfied.

No matter what he achieves, it isn’t enough because he has a hole in the soul that he can’t fill. Likely, it was the result of losing his father, but whatever it is, it has left Rudd in a permanent state of quiet desperation (as Henry David Thoreau put it).

A few weeks ago he blamed his colleagues for his downfall:

And this is what they think of him:

The problem with Rudd blaming his colleagues is that if Shorten becomes PM, he might need their endorsement for future senior positions at the UN. That’s why he did the pivot a few weeks ago and accepted the ALP Life Membership to much fanfare (and gnashing of teeth).

Rudd is playing a long game … the inscrutable little fellow.

Summernats irritates Canberra (so it’s not all bad)