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The US is pulling out of UNESCO.

This isn’t the first time the US has walked away from UNESCO.

Is Nikki Haley right to say “corrupt”? Did you ever doubt it? (Although the story is a bit, er, old).

A private memo obtained by the Guardian shows that two French cabinet ministers have intervened directly with the secretariat of Unesco to ensure that former presidential aides would be given cushy senior positions in the Paris-based UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

Such cronyism reaches into almost every corner of Unesco, according to young professionals who despair of salvaging the organisation they work for. Nepotism is also rife, they say, after watching well-paid jobs go to mistresses and family members.

There is a more recent example.

Learn more about the UN and UNESCO at UN Watch.

Rod Bower ramps up his Senate campaign (but that’s not how he painted it)

First he jumped on Fr Bob Maguire’s bandwagon …

Then he jumped on the pill campaign …

But in his defence, he has been running on the asylum issue for a while … because he’s a leftist and can’t see that his ‘compassion’ resulted in the loss of 1200 at sea:

John Setka charged with domestic violence

Prominent union boss John Setka has been charged after reports of an argument at his home on Boxing Day.

The Victorian head of the CFMEU will face court next week after police were called to an address in West Footscray just after Christmas.

“Police attended a West Footscray address following reports of an argument on Boxing Day,” a police spokeswoman said.

“A 54-year-old man was arrested and charged with a court order offence. He was bailed and will appear in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on January 9.”

On 25 November, the CFMEU released this ad.

John Setka appears at 26 seconds.

Presented without comment.


Of course, they’re very happy to make threats against anyone who gets in their way.

Learn more about the thug Setka here … it’s a great read. And it should scare the hell out of you.