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The battle to get rid of Setka just got very ugly

Grab the popcorn. This is going to be a long and brutal fight:

Left-wing union supporters of John Setka are threatening to “audit” Labor politicians for any history of domestic violence allegations in retaliation for Anthony Albanese’s push to oust the controversial CFMMEU Victorian secretary from the party.

Mr Albanese – who has suspended Mr Setka’s party membership and will push for his expulsion at the ALP’s executive meeting on July 5 – immediately hit back, telling The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald: “I don’t respond to threats.”

He dismissed suggestions the party could be stripped of $10 million worth of Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union funding, while resisting calls to cut the union loose.

‘Plane people’ are a problem we can easily solve

If Kristina Keneally really wants to solve the problem of people arriving by plane and claiming asylum, she could do it tomorrow – stop letting people claim asylum in Australia.

A significant increase in the number of “plane people” seeking asylum in Australia has resulted in the country’s longest refugee wait list in history, according to new figures from the United Nations’ peak refugee agency.

Over 60,000 people had refugee applications before Australian government officials by the end of 2018 in what is a dramatic uptick from the nearly 30,000-long 2016 waitlist.

Read the whole thing. It’s pretty obvious that there is only solution is to abolish the right to claim asylum.

$100k a year is too much for a babysitter

Childcare workers do a great job but paying them $2000 a week is insane. And it will be put a rocket under the cost of childcare.

This is another fine mess Bill Shorten created – a great accomplishment from Opposition:

University-educated preschool teachers who missed out on Labor’s promised taxpayer-funded pay rises are pushing ahead with a demand for large pay increases in the Fair Work Commission, with the Independent Education Union seeking salaries of up to $101,767.

The union is demanding pay increases of up to 49 per cent for its most experienced members, arguing they should be paid the same as primary school teachers with identical university qualifications, in a case with ramifications for other low-paid, female-dominated industries.

Another ‘governments do nothing’ climate change lie

We spend $10 bn a year on renewables (see yesterday’s show), we do lots. And it costs a fortune.

Chris Uhlmann is right about China

This is a superb op-ed by Chris Uhlmann:

Bill Shorten, Penny Wong and Richard Marles met China’s Meng Jianzhu in Sydney on April 22 that year. There the former security tsar urged Labor to reconsider and issued an extraordinary threat. “Mr Meng said it would be a shame if Chinese government representatives had to tell the Chinese community in Australia that Labor did not support the relationship between Australia and China,” the report said. Labor sources have confirmed this account is accurate.

Pause for a moment and imagine how China would react to the suggestion that a million-strong ethnic diaspora inside its borders might be mobilised against it by a foreign power. And why did this breathtaking, deeply aggressive and offensive statement raise barely a ripple when it was reported?

The article is brilliant. Read it. And think about Keating for a moment. Shameful.