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This isn’t a good look the day after the Budget

It not seriously bad, it’s just embarrassing.

Considering the hundreds of people who review the budget before it gets to the podium on budget night, it is amazing that no one thought – or fought hard enough to win – the fight to have the energy assistance payment extended to the people with the least disposable income.

The senate has censured Fraser Anning

Which is just about the best thing that could have happened to him … to help his re-election.

Here’s the moral posturing against the vile Anning:


And this is Anning mounting his re-election pitch.

Have a look at the comments. He might lose the war, but he is making the most of the battle:

Meanwhile, in the kiddies section

Christopher Pyne could barely breathe when the PM discussed the carbon proposal of the Labor Party.

It was pretty good.