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Oosting’s trainwreck interview

This is just embarrassing.

Caught out in a lie, Oosting, whose GetUp organisation preaches a new kind of politics, refuses to concede he’s toast.

This relates to the script GetUp volunteers were given when doorknocking in Kooyong. As The Guardian reports:

Under a heading: “Josh Frydenberg is a good person!” GetUp volunteers are prompted to say “Mr Frydenberg might be a nice person, but he is part of a bad government. Malcolm Turnbull was a nice person too, but he was cut down by Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott, and they are the people who run the Liberal party today”.

There is no evidence that Frydenberg, energy and environment minister in the Turnbull government, was part of the conservative-led push to unseat the former prime minister last August.

Turnbull and Frydenberg prosecuted the national energy guarantee policythat was a trigger for the conflagration that began with Peter Dutton saying he would challenge for the leadership, and resulted in the elevation of Scott Morrison to the top job.

Frydenberg won the deputy leadership, and Morrison appointed him treasurer.

Oosting later confirmed the line about the leadership change in the conversation guide for Kooyong had been updated. He said changes to the scripts were made every few days to ensure that climate change is “always positioned front and centre as the number one issue and nothing else is used as a distraction”.

The new script reads: “Josh Frydenberg, like all Liberal MPs, is responsible for the chaos in Canberra and the fact is his party has no credible plan for climate change. Frydenberg failed to get any real action on climate change. He’s part of the chaos in Canberra. He’s in Coalition with Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce”.

Jon Faine … good job:

Bill Shorten is promising too much

This starts with an apology for getting the super tax info wrong yesterday but finished with a promise to increase super contributions. That comes out of your wages. And he wants ages to rise in your pocket. This is going to bean unfathomable hit to employers.

Jobs will be lost.

The day got worse for Shorten. He must be held to account for this:

Bill Shorten says the economy will grow by 23 per cent under Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target, but has refused to put a cost on his climate change policy.

The Opposition Leader said his emissions reductions target would come at no further cost to the economy as the Coalition’s 26 per cent target because Labor would allow companies to buy international offsets.

He also hit back at the “characterisation” there would be an economic cost to his policy.“I don’t accept the characterisation that it is a cost. We’re going to grow. And we’re going to grow because we are going to move to a lower carbon pollution economy,” the Opposition Leader said.

In other words: “it’s not a cost because I said it’s not, and you can’t make me admit that it is.”

This man is a disgrace

And he’s wrong about extreme weather.

Brown’s a disgrace, but Shorten is deluded.

Sometimes the world is a rotten place …

Elitist architects reacted to the fire which tore through Notre Dame by arguing that the rebuilding should not reflect “white European France”.


In a Rolling Stone article entitled How Should France Rebuild Notre Dame?, the cathedral is denigrated as “a deep-seated symbol of resentment, a monument to a deeply flawed institution and an idealized Christian European France that arguably never existed in the first place.”

“The building was so overburdened with meaning that its burning feels like an act of liberation,” said Patricio del Real, an architecture historian at Harvard University.

This will help make it better. O M G.