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Last week the Libs roared back three points in the Ipsos/Fairfax poll to reduce Labor’s long lead to 51-49.

The question hanging since then: was it a rogue poll?

Apparently so.

Hartcher’s love letter to Bishop

This is nauseating from the Herald’s Peter Hartcher.

This is more like it, from Joe Aston in the AFR ($):

Bishop has form.

This is more than counterintuitive, it’s stupid

This doesn’t pass even the scantest of sniff tests:

As urban myths go, the one about solar panels being a luxury enjoyed mostly by the wealthy with poorer households left out has endured well beyond reality.

In a research first, the Victoria Energy Policy Centre analysed electricity bills of 10,051 households provided by CHOICE, a fifth with solar power, in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. Researchers then used socio-economic data and house prices from Domain.com.au to profile the owners.

Contrary to public perceptions, solar panel uptake is proportionally more common in roofs of those with lower- to middle socio-economic standing, the study – commissioned by Solar Citizens – found.

“People are reaching for ways to get control over their energy costs and for millions of low- and middle-income households, solar is the best way to do that,” Solar Citizens’s national director, Joseph Scales, said.

In fact, the wealthiest decile had the lowest proportional solar uptake, and the poorest had the highest.

Rubbish chart from green dumb-dumbs

Apparently poor people have $10k to spend on rooftop solar.

This report will receive a lot of coverage in the next few days and will be thoroughly debunked

The lesson with green stories is to read the story on a Monday and wit for the correction on Thursday. let’s wait for this one to fall over.

And the usual suspects have piled on so you know this is going to be embarrassing for them:

With $5 billion you could get all this ….

Australia Institute graphic

Do we need them? Where would we get them?

but you’d also get more pensioners.

And 3500 teachers?

Teachers or activists …? It’s a safe bet to go with option B.

Jussie Smollett

Born: Tommy Newsom (1929)

Tommy Newsom played sax in the Tonight Show Band.

He was also hilarious. Watch these till the end (video 2 from 60 sec mark). They are superb. A showcase for host Johnny Carson and the understated genius of his straight men. In these cases, Newsom.

And they shine far brighter than the miserable polemicists on late night in 2019.