Pell’s video interview in Rome released

In 2016, Cardinal George Pell told police it was “madness” to claim he had molested two choirboys, now the Australian public can watch what police and the jury saw and decide whether they believe his denials.

Watch the video here at The Australian.

George Pell

George Pell, Rome, October 2016

Richter apologises for words that should never have been said

This is better than nothing, but it should never have come to this.

Remember, he’s apologising because he referred to “plain vanilla sexual penetration”. Of a child.

Forgive me father, but this priest is a dope


Why renewables can’t save the planet

A great piece (as always) from Quillette. A taste:

… house cats kill billions of birds every year it put into perspective the nearly one million birds killed by wind turbines.

[But house cats] don’t kill big, rare, threatened birds. What house cats kill are small, common birds, like sparrows, robins and jays. What kills big, threatened, and endangered birds—birds that could go extinct—like hawks, eagles, owls, and condors, are wind turbines.

In fact, wind turbines are the most serious new threat to important bird species to emerge in decades. The rapidly spinning turbines act like an apex predator which big birds never evolved to deal with.

Solar farms have similarly large ecological impacts. Building a solar farm is a lot like building any other kind of farm. You have to clear the whole area of wildlife.

Read the whole thing.

And here’s a sample:

Remember, they’re good for the environment.

Revolving doors

The revolving doors project by Michael West and Simone Walsh:

And here’s what happened with Andrew Robb.

The high-speed train rides again

Whenever politicians talk nation building, hide your wallet.

Happy birthday, Justin Beiber … here’s Quincy Jones!

And if you enjoy the trailer, read this – one of the greatest articles ever published. EVER.