Wayne Swan is leaving the parliament … good

He gave a predictably self-congratulating speech.

“When I first drafted this speech, I wanted to reach out across the chamber,” he said.

“To ask people, maybe just momentarily, to remove their party blinkers.”

But, Swan said, “the divisive tone that’s pervaded this place in the past week has made me realise that reaching out to the other side is perhaps impossible”.

Swan said he remembered the Tampa episode of 2001; that he recalled “the way it changed us”.

Before then, “covert appeals to racism and xenophobia were regarded as unworthy” of our country’s elected representatives. But then John Howard’s government turned the Tampa back.

“Something else floated into our harbours in its wake,” Swan said, in a slightly wonky naval metaphor.

“That was American race-based dog whistle politics.”

He is right. This is the end of an era.

Our worst treasurer in living memory is gone.

Good riddance.

Getting of Manus and Nauru was always the end goal

It’s been confirmed by Fr Rod Bower in a tweet:

But worse still, by Greens Senator Nick McKim:

Funny. All this time we thought it was about health care rather than being on Australian soil.

Guess they lied.

Twitter targets conservatives

Fantastic analysis from Quillette about how Twitter silences conservative voices.

Rogers Waters loves dictatorships

Roger Water is an idiot.

Nancy Wilson

And sometimes, you just need some genius to get through a day.