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Cancer is a very personal experience …

So you better not try to take advantage of it for political advantage … which certainly looks to be the case here:

Scott Morrison has declared “it’s true” that people with cancer can be treated in public hospitals “for free”, arguing the out-of-pocket costs Bill Shorten wants to address are for private care.

But the Prime Minister has opened the door to reducing some of these costs, revealing he will carefully consider the detail of Labor’s policy prescription to reduce the cost of cancer treatment.

Mr Shorten’s $2.3 billion plan is designed to slash out-of-pocket costs for cancer sufferers, amid concerns women with breast cancer face average out-of-pocket costs of $10,000.

But Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones told Mr Morrison on Monday that he had been inundated by callers who said their cancer treatment had been free.

“I had Margaret on the line this morning … in tears, because her husband died from cancer. Margaret was telling me that she had the very best treatment that would be possible, both from the hospital treatment to the palliative care treatment, and that was all provided for free,” Mr Jones said.

So much wrong with this Tweet

Where do you start with this tweet …? How about this line: “The federal government needs to take responsibility for managing the transition so costs come down for families.”

Where does she think the money will come from?

Who does she think makes cars?

Welcome to Germany, 2019

This was originally report in Bild, a reputable German newspaper, although we can hope it is proven to be a hoax (but that is unlikely):
A school in Frankfurt has come under fire after its headmaster told a young girl she should wear a hijab if she doesn’t want to get bullied.
The student’s mother told the Bild newspaper that her daughter was “beaten and verbally attacked on the way to school” by a group of Muslim girls.
She explained that her daughter was targeted because “she has blond hair, no headscarf, has a German-Hebrew name – and we are Christians”.
The bullying was so bad it left the fifth grader with a “massive fear of going to school”.
When she took her concerns to the schools headmaster, she was told her daughter should ‘cover up’ if she doesn’t want to get bullied.


Tom Lehrer (b 1928)

Paul Robeson (b 1898)

Sure he was a communist, but by God, the man could sing: