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Phelps’ bill

Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border protection Shayne Neumann comes out of witness protection to appear on 730.

John Setka in court

The Australian reported: Court documents reveal Mr Setka was charged with one count of recklessly causing injury over an incident alleged to have occurred at a property in Melbourne’s inner west on July 30 2017.

He is also facing one charge of using a carriage service to harass over incident alleged to have taken place in December last year.

Police attended Mr Setka’s home following a dispute between him and his wife at Christmas last year.

He still hasn’t been disowned by Van Badham

Bit of a worry when the NRL has higher moral standards regarding domestic violence allegations than unions.

Trump needs his own show … oh, he had one

The best lines from Trump’s El Paso speech.

Trump was in a good mood. One day later, the Senate Intelligence Committee would leak that they found no evidence of collusion with Russia. It’s not the Mueller probe, but after 200 interviews and 300,000 documents, it’s a big call to make. A bipartisan call.