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Elections are boring. All that policy. Costing, tit-for-tat whingeing. Virtue signalling.


Bloodbaths are fun.

Labor is about to enter one month of fighting without landing a glove. They don’t actually want to hurt the other person – that would mean damaging the Labor brand.

But at the same time. they want the prize. They want to enter the pantheon of Labor leaders.

But that means opposition. They are fighting to eat a brown sandwich.


No comment (needed)

And watch Bill and Kristina. Again … presented without comment.

Kenneally was ‘bus captain’ for Bill Shorten. She’s now being thrown under that bus.

The Libs need to get strategic

The Libs are too kind. In 2016, they preferenced Albanese to save him from the green

They might well have done better to put him to the sword as they are thinking of doing to Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad by preferencing her last:

Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad is in danger of being ousted by the Greens from parliament if the weekend’s federal voting trends are replicated at next year’s state election.

The Treasurer and leader of Queensland Labor’s dominant Left faction holds the inner-city seat of South Brisbane on a 3.6 per cent margin, secured only after the Liberal National Party preferenced Labor ahead of the Greens at the 2017 state election.

But the LNP state executive announced earlier this year that it would put Ms Trad last on its how-to-vote cards in a controversial move that immediately boosted the chances of the Greens to win its second state seat at next year’s October poll.

Hey, Libs … DO IT!

On the other hand … they might not have to.

The anti-coal activist appointed as the top policy adviser to the Queensland Department of Envir­onment — now holding up the proposed Adani mine — was given special treatment by the Palaszczuk government in applying for the newly created position.

Former Queensland Conserv­ation Council head Tim Seelig, a long-time ally of Deputy Premier Jackie Trad, missed the cut-off date for applications last year and later sent his CV directly to the chair of the vetting panel, which then selected him over more than 50 other hopefuls.

Dr Seelig’s appointment as principal adviser (strategic policy) to director-general Jamie Merrick last July was made just weeks before the Palaszczuk government announced a massive boost to annual funding for the council he ran until joining the Department of Environment.

Read the whole thing. Abominable.

Speaking of going … what about New Zealand?

There’s been a statistical surge in the number of Australians looking at a move to New Zealand following last week’s election.

Immigration New Zealand says there was a more than tenfold increase in Australians looking at its website on Sunday and expressions of interest increased by more than 25 times on the same time the week before.

On behalf of the entire country, if you don’t like it here, please leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the bum.

Steggal is wrong on renewables

More renewables make energy more expensive.

This is not a surprise:

But knowing how bad renewables are economically and environmentally is.

Or you can watch the presentation:

Just blame climate change

And they expect us to take themseriously. Really?

Leading pet behaviourists say the number of depressed and unsettled dogs they have seen in recent months is unprecedented

A boredom epidemic is sweeping through Britain’s dog population – and global warming could be to blame.

Across the country, there are reports of down-in-the-mouth mutts, and under-the-weather canines.

Leading pet behaviourists told The Independent that the number of depressed and unsettled dogs they have seen in recent months is unprecedented.

And they suggested that the spate of wet winters could be at the root of the problem, as owners cut down on the daily walks that are crucial to keeping dogs’ spirits up.