The Daily Breakdown made 12 fearless predictions for Election 2019.

The verdict is in … nine correct and three wrong (two in the Senate so the lesson is don’t make predictions about the Senate).

The DB would have gunned for Jacinta Price to win in the NT as well … but this prediction wasn’t made. So it doesn’t count.

It’s a shame, though, that these courageous Australians – Price and Warren Mundine – won’t be in the Australian Parliament.

Jacinta Price, in particular, who was abused as a “coconut” during the campaign, is a quality candidate and a woman of extraordinary courage. Liberals should be proud to have her in the party. As they are. And it’s a tragedy her life experience won’t shape policy.

Hopefully, Price and Mundine will remain strong voices inside the Coalition. The party will be better for their input.

Predictions v outcomes

Prediction: Oakeshott to lose in Cowper.

OUTCOME: Oakeshott lost.

Prediction: Barnaby to win in New England.

OUTCOME: Barnaby wins.

Prediction: Sharma to win in Wentworth.

OUTCOME: Sharma wins.

Prediction: Abbott to lose in Warringah (hopefully this is wrong).

OUTCOME: Abbott lost.

Prediction: Julia Banks to lose in Flinders.

OUTCOME: Julia Banks lost.

Prediction: Frydenberg to romp it in in Kooyong against Yates and Burnside.

OUTCOME: Frydenberg returned.

Prediction: Warren Mundine to do it in Gilmore.

OUTCOME: Wrong. Win to Labor.

Sarah Hanson-Young to lose her Senate spot in South Australia.

OUTCOME: Wrong. Goddammit.

Prediction: Clive Palmer to win NOTHING anywhere.

OUTCOME: Clive got the fat donut … so he should be happy about that.

Prediction: Peter Dutton to be returned in Dickson.

OUTCOME: Dutton returned.

Jim Molan to win from fourth position on the NSW Senate ticket.

OUTCOME: Wrong. No more senate predictions.

Prediction: And overall … Scott Morrison to remain as PM so salty tears for the left and everyone with a water drop next to their Twitter profile. Especially the idiot sons: Malcolm Turnbull and Simon Holmes a Court.

OUTCOME: Correct. Especially about salty tears.

So there you have it.

The geniuses in the press gallery couldn’t find their bums with both hands down their pants and some random blogger and podcaster got 9/12.