If you give a gun to a monkey and it shoots and kills someone, are you the culprit or the monkey?

Keep that in mind as Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex continues his campaign in Wentworth for everyone bar the Liberals.

The Liberals, you remember, made his father PM, after a year of white anting Tony Abbott.

The Liberals, you remember, who made him leader after he white anted former Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson.

The Liberals who will regret both decisions only once. But then on, forever.

When his father lost the leadership, Turnbull the Younger increased his Twitter profile immeasurably by smacking the Liberals at every turn. It seems the party was only worthy of his support when his father was leading it.

He’s at it again:

By having his son shoot the pistol, Turnbull can claim that he is innocent and that his son is acting as a private citizen in his own capacity and has the right to comment and he is an adult and it has nothing to do with him blah yada blah blah.

The right thing to do would be for Turnbull to tell his soon to keep his thoughts to himself. If he’s angry, scream into a pillow.

About the only thing Turnbull has left in Australian politics are the dregs of dignity. He should try to salvage those before he has nothing.

For Turnbull the Younger, born with a silver spoon and speaking on high from Singapore, to rail against leadership change is the height of hypocrisy. Does he think we have no memory that his father facilitated two leadership changes? Both of which were disastrous, because his father, for all his ‘success’, couldn’t sell water in a desert.

There is too much in Turnbull’s video that is wrong, but it is worth watching to see how delusional he is and how little he knows about why his father was dumped. Or how awful he was. Or wrong he fit into the party which generously made him leader.

His thesis includes claims about the cost of renewables are coming down and will make coal uneconomic. It is true that the cost of renewables is coming down. But it’s what he doesn’t say that it as important as what he does say: he doesn’t reference the reliability o renewables. Without reliability, you can’t have energy-intensive industry. Intermittent doesn’t cut it. But Alex doesn’t need to worry about such petty concerns. They’re too plebeian and he is anyting but.

He concludes his message with this plea: “Don’t vote for the LIberal party in the Wentworth by-election.”

His argument is that the general election will be in 12 months, so this is your chance to send a message to the Liberals about what direction they should take on climate change.

It may be that the Liberals lose Wentworth, in which case they might also lose government. But if they lose Wentworth it won’t send a message on climate change that is worth hearing. It will only confirm that a strong independent can skew a vote. And what sells in Wentworth probably won’t sell across Australia. Wentworth is not representative of Australia, in almost any regard.

Other factors are also counting against the Liberals, including the leak of the report into religious freedom which was leaked and scandalously misreported in the SMH, as Tim Blair has dissected.

The Herald reported:

Religious schools would be guaranteed the right to turn away gay students and teachers under changes to federal anti-discrimination laws recommended by the government’s long-awaited review into religious freedom.

But the report said no such thing, as The Oz report correctly … because they read the report:

The Ruddock religious freedom review has proposed changes that would restrict the ability of religious schools to use existing laws to discriminate against teachers and students based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Even the ABC managed to get it right:

The report recommends that religious schools have the right to turn away LGBT+ students and teachers on the basis of the school’s religious beliefs. Much of the immediate reaction to the leaks incorrectly claimed that the recommendations would grant such a right for the first time.

In a n electorate with a high gay population, this could kill Dave Sharma’s chances. The damage of the misreporting has been done.

Turnbull isn’t helping. But Turnbulls have never helped the Liberal Party.