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Dan Andrews needs to check himself before he starts lecturing all men about the violent behaviour of some men.

Especially when those men shouldn’t be on the streets.

The latest lecture from Andrews came after the murder of Courtney Herron.

The alleged killer’s lawyer told a court on Monday that he has “possible delusional disorder” and “possible autism spectrum disorder”.

Based on that, we can assume mental illness. He was also homeless. As was the victim, who also suffered mental illness and drug addictions.

Jill Meagher’s killer

Jill Meagher’s killer, Adrian Bayley, had an extensive and violent past. He was a serial rapist but was released again and again:

Bayley had served three years of a five-year sentence when he was released on parole in 1993. He had been jailed for entrapping and raping a 16-year-old girl, threatening to kill and attempting to rape a 17-year-old, and attempting to rape another 16-year-old he’d abducted. Bayley later admitted he had “gone through the motions” of rehabilitation to secure early release.

In 2000, the rape squad fail to properly investigate escalating violent sexual assaults on sex workers in the St Kilda area. Bayley was charged in 2001 after a dogged investigation by local detectives. Ten other sex workers who had been raped identified Bayley as their attacker, but did not trust police enough to give evidence against him in court.

In 2002, Bayley is sentenced to 11 years with a minimum of eight years for 16 counts of rape committed against five sex workers. Bayley not sentenced as a serious sexual offender, which would have permitted a longer sentence, despite his criminal history.

There is more.

So why was he on the streets. He was a rapist who became a murderer. The system let Jill Meagher down.

Aiia Maasarwe

Aiia Maasarwe was murdered in January 2019. The trial is set for June.

There are no public details about the man charged but he was homeless.

Andrews is diverting

The common theme is a failure of government. Either the courts were too soft and didn’t protect us from dangerous people or people who should have received mental health care didn’t get it.

Before he lectures all men, he should consider his own failings.

And while he’s at it, he might think about the people he associates with. Like CFMMEU Victoria boss John Setka, who will plead guilty to using a carriage service to harass a woman.

Mental health failing

The problem started with the Richmond Report in 1983, as outlined here by Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons:

Deinstitutionalisation was predicated on the assumption that social housing would be available for all those living in the community with psychosocial disability. It also assumed that Centrelink incomes would retain their value. It assumed the availability of adequate: housing, employment, income, clinical services and psychosocial support. In combination, they would underpin a decent quality of life and social inclusion for those living with psychosocial disability.

Sadly, the reality has not lived up to this vision. In contrast, the experience of mental illness and related disability today is frequently a fast track to poverty. Living with psychosocial disability too often means reduced access to employment, and hence income at poverty levels. The combined impact of psychosocial disability and low income makes it impossible to compete for housing in our ridiculously tight rental market.

Hence it is no surprise that so many people living with psychosocial disability cycle in and out of homelessness.

More about Richmond:

The 1983 Inquiry into Health Services for the Psychiatrically Ill and Developmentally Disabled led by David Richmond for the NSW government was a landmark. Mr Richmond, a highly experienced public administrator, had previously worked closely with community-based psychiatrists and social workers providing services to public housing residents.

The report enshrined the notions of deinstitutionalisation and integrated community-based care networks, setting in motion major changes in NSW. Mr Richmond identified – as we do again in this report – the need to fund and provide services that allow consumers to remain “in their normal community environment”, and recommended – as we now do – a parallel reduction in the use of specialist psychiatric hospitals.

Mr Richmond emphasised the critical importance of funding and training of front-line staff, and recommended a move towards local responsibility for services. He anticipated the need for co-ordination across government departments and agencies to respond to social as well as health needs; in this Report we develop these ideas, providing examples of how this can work in practice and bringing in the growing role of community-managed organisations.

There are lots of problems with debt

Jericho is wrong to think there aren’t.

he economy is slowing and things are grim. Fortunately there is a solution available to the government. No it is not waiting for the Reserve Bank of Australia to cut interest rates, but rather that it should take advantage of the record low interest rates it already is able to pay.

Long time readers of this column will know I am not a fan of concerns about government debt. One of the more annoying things for me of the past three to five years has been watching the ALP act like the growing level of government debt was a bad thing.

MLK target of #MeToo

MLK survived J Edgar Hoover, may not survive #MeToo.

Follow the link to learn more; some of the details, are quite graphic.

FitzSimons couldn’t predict the sun rising

November 25, 2018:

To cut to the chase, Alan Jones’s contract is up in the middle of next year, and current 2GB management does not want to renew it. There are a variety of reasons, but first and foremost is that Jones has in recent times gone from being the biggest asset the station possesses – and the greatest generator of profits – to being a massive liability.

May 28, 2019:

Alan Jones has re-signed with Macquarie Media after protracted  contract negotiations that have dragged on for months.

On Tuesday, Macquarie Media announced the Sydney shock jock had been given a two-year contract. Formal contract negotiations kicked-off in late February.

Fairfax/Nine pays for FitzSimons.

The man is an idiot.

UK Labour investigated for antisemitism

About time.

You can’t trust global warming ‘science’

Scientists would never lie, would they?

Like hell they wouldn’t:

A scientific paper published by a team of Australian researchers has revealed a startling find: Scientists at the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) have been “adjusting” historical data regarding tide levels in the Indian Ocean. Their “highly questionable” activities have depicted rapidly rising seas — but the truth is that there is no reason to be alarmed at all. Scientists have found that sea levels are stable — and have been for the entirety of the 20th century.

To put it simply, these PSMSL “scientists” have been arbitrarily changing their data in order to create the illusion of a problem that doesn’t actually exist.