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41 Inconvenient Truths on the ‘New Energy Economy’

Read this – it is spectacular:

A week doesn’t pass without a mayor, governor, policymaker or pundit joining the rush to demand, or predict, an energy future that is entirely based on wind/solar and batteries, freed from the “burden” of the hydrocarbons that have fueled societies for centuries. Regardless of one’s opinion about whether, or why, an energy “transformation” is called for, the physics and economics of energy combined with scale realities make it clear that there is no possibility of anything resembling a radically “new energy economy” in the foreseeable future. Bill Gates has said that when it comes to understanding energy realities “we need to bring math to the problem.”

He’s right. So, in my recent Manhattan Institute report, “The New Energy Economy: An Exercise in Magical Thinking,” I did just that.

Herein, then, is a summary of some of the bottom-line realities from the underlying math. (See the full report for explanations, documentation, and citations.)

Listen closely and you can hear the left cry

This is great news for Australia:

Australia is responsible for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions and could be contributing as much as 17% by 2030 if the pollution from its fossil fuel exports is factored in, research says.

It means our exports are going up, up, up.

Corporate Australia has no balls

We’ve made the case that corporate Australia has no … er … balls! They have no balls!

We cantry to be polite about it but it won’t change the fact that they have been nbulied into a corner and they’re weak as … you know what.

Let Nick Cater give you the details, sadly behind a paywall.

To buy the monograph from the CIS he quotes from extensively, go here.

She sound like a treasure

Let’s bring her here:

A former Irish soldier, who joined ISIS after becoming radicalised in Syria, has denied fighting for the militant group but says she wants to see a caliphate.

Lisa Smith, 37, who moved to Syria after her divorce, also denied training young girls to fight for the terrorist group and says she’s ‘never killed anyone’.

Irish Prime Minster Leo Varadkar has previously said he would allow the mother, and her two-year-old daughter back to the country, but she must be ruled out a security risk first.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, from the refugee camp in Syria where she lives, Lisa said:  ‘I want myself an actual caliphate, as in a Muslim country. Not like a group, or a brutality group’.


IMAGE: Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash