This is Amy Carr.

Amy Carr is an angry person.

She’s been angry on The Drum. And she’s been angry on the ABC website.

She’s an angry person the ABC loves.


She’s angry because a male barber (barber, not hairdresser) said he would not cut her daughter’s hair.

This made Amy even angrier.

Angry Amy goes to court

You might remember Amy.

Yes, I’m “that woman” who took a barber shop in Sydney to court because he refused to run clippers through my 9-year-old daughter’s undercut last year.

For the record, he was kindly asked to not touch her bob cut and instead just tidy up a “number two” that was growing out.

I brought a sex-discrimination claim to the Federal Circuit Court because his refusal was because she was a girl and he wanted his barbershop to remain a male-only space. I didn’t ask for a style cut, nor did I sue him for damages.

She didn’t sue him for damages? What damages?!?

Please, Amy, do continue:

With swagger, attitude and a barber shop full of blokes laughing at us girls for not “getting the message”, he insisted she could not have her hair clippered because she was a girl.

Rather than speaking out to the press, I thought it was better the court process make a ruling.

Read that sentence again. How considerate of her:

Some said it was trivial. But, as a mum, my job description has never been clearer. My awareness that I need to set an example, teach, challenge and protect my kids is acute.

Lessons for the child

You’ve taught your child to be a brat.

You’ve taught your child to be totalitarian.

You’ve taught your child that no one has free will or the ability to decide what they want to do.

Great ‘mumming’, Amy.

Ultimately, the court-ordered mediation resulted in the barber publishing a statement welcoming my daughter back at any time to “provide the same service to her as [he does] for other customers, regardless of gender”. Glad we cleared that up.

No, you bullied him and he’s acquiesced to shut you up.

But this is not about the clippers.

No, it was about you being a bully.

But that’s not a surprise, because … she’s a lawyer.

Aha. So a lawyer took a barber to court.

She’s a SJW superhero

Then Amy tries to make herself a hero:

The hard work by so many before us to improve gender equality sits on a precipice.

We are still nowhere near being able to tell our daughters that they can grow up confident in enjoying everything their male counterparts have with absolute equality, and safely for that matter.

Violence against women, harassment, slut-shaming, pay disparity, the under-representation of women in politics, professional sport and management are just the tip of the iceberg.

Lady, you bullied a low-skill small business owner in the courts to do what you want.

In case it hasn’t been made clear yet, you’re a bully.

If you would like to sue over this article, Amy, please send your complaint to any Fernwood.

But there’s more to the story

Ah, the story is not over yet.

You see, Amy only told half the story.

What about the real victim? The barber. His name is Sam Rahim. Check out his Instagram or Facebook pages … it’s a blokey barber shop.

The Weekly Times has the other side of the story:

Mr Rahim was working in his small Hunters Hill shop on a Saturday in August last year when lawyer Amy Carr entered and requested he cut her daughter’s hair, but he declined, telling her “I’m not qualified to do ladies … we only cut men’s hair”.

Notice Amy left that out?

The founder of law firm Inside Eagles [Angry Amy] then took to social media, accusing Mr Rahim of discrimination on the basis of sex.

“Wow. Apparently chicks wearing an undercut (needing a trim) do not get served at Hunters Hill Barbershop because…wait for it…they are not boys,” Ms Carr said in a post on Hunters Hill Barber Facebook Page.

“Insane. Hunters Hill Barbershop might light to look up the definition of sex discrimination.”

Or look up bully:

a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
“he is a ranting, domineering bully”
synonyms: Carr, Amy