The ACT loves to think of itself as progressive. And it is.

It has the first openly gay chief minister/premier.

Last week it was announced that the ACT Government would conduct an “audit of ACT legislation to identify any harmful impacts the Territory’s laws may have on the LGBTIQ community”.

The audit will be commissioned by the Office for LGBTIQ Affairs and cost $25,000, allocated as part of the More support for families and inclusion – Supporting health and wellbeing for LGBTIQ Canberrans initiative in the Midyear Budget Review.

Chif Minister Andrew Barr said in a statement the issue was highlighted last year following public discussions about an exception in the Discrimination Act that may have allowed discrimination against students and staff in independent schools and educational institutions.

“We acted quickly to ensure these protections were strengthened and now we want to make sure that any other areas where our laws might need to be updated or improved are identified and addressed as soon as possible,” he said.

It also has gay friendly pedestrian crossings.


And of course, being progressive, they love asylum seekers … or do they?

The ACT is better than you …

Riot Act is an ACT news website catering to the ACT (but you probably figured that out already).

Yesterday a former ACT Government minister, John Hargreaves, wrote that:

on Stanhope, when Chief Minister of the ACT, declared Canberra a welcome city for refugees. He did this because he could read the compassion of our people and knew that we had many refugees successfully settled here.

I was Minister for Housing and also Minister for Multicultural Affairs at the time. I remember introducing a temporary housing solution to the incoming refugees from North Africa, using stock destined to be pulled down but still in reasonable condition.

The he makes an offer to the 300 who might be eligible to leave unde rthe new legislation:

We could accommodate these 300 medical evacuees easily. The issues are of housing and medical treatments.

We may not have the medical expertise in the numbers needed. But the same must surely be said of Christmas Island, which is a disgusting option designed by this federal Government as an option abhorrent to the Australian public which may say we should not proceed. I don’t think so. It is still appalling.

But, medical services can be contracted out and paid for by the federal government. Indeed, if the 300 were given recognised refugee status and assimilated into the Canberra community, there would be no cost to the federal government.

We have housing stock which is destined for demolition in the suburbs. I talk not of multi-storied apartments but free standing houses. The demolition takes months to happen, needing planning approval, demolition approval and contract determination. It doesn’t happen under six months.

These houses can be, and used to be, given to those refugees coming here and getting on their feet. They don’t jump the public housing queue but are given a temporary leg up.

Now is the time to call for the refugees on Manus and Nauru to come here, to our welcoming city and welcoming community.

“I talk not …”? God help us. What a pretentious toolbag.

… but the people are revolting

When Hargreaves made the offer, he probably didn’t expect this reaction:

Geez. More money spent for political wankery.

Or this one:

But makes Canberra look good taking on more illegals but if your a resident to bad. Labour gov needs to pull its head out the sand. They won’t help Aussies cause where all old news

For the record, the ACT is meant to have the best schools in the country.

Or this comment …

John Hargreaves does not speak for me and a lot of other Canberrans. How can he say that when we look at the extended long delays for public housing. Medical service is second rate to non existent. If we all only had access to the medical facilities offshore we would be extremely happy. All the bleeding hearts can cry me a river of tears but it would not change my mind. Look after our own first before economic refugees.

OK. Just one more:

Ah Canberra, the virtue signalling capital of Australia.

There was a report last week that ACT treasury revenue had fallen off another $100 million, unfunded public servant pension liability is now in excess of $7 billion and today Andrew Barr announces he wants a larger and longer commitment to funding GWS which will be more millions of dollars.

We can’t afford to deliver all the services we need so it is madness to invite more people here whatever their status is.

Then again, we could harvest some more money from the trees at the arboretum.

Spoke too soon … this one is hard to resist:

Funny how the local government can find short term public housing so fast. Guess who will get first shot when a perm public housing place come’s up. The que for public housing for locals just got a few more years longer.

Another fine example of the public school system in action … or inaction, it’s hard to tell: