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This is the bloke the ABC turns to for US commentary

You might remember him from this trainwreck of an interview.

And reports like this.

Clown show.

The court has rendered government impotent

The courts can’t be trusted when it comes to border security.

The recent ruling from the Federal Court makes that very clear:

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has declared “advocate doctors” are dictating which asylum-seekers and refugees on Manus Island and Nauru should come to Australia for medical treatment, after a controversial Federal Court ruling.

Two doctors applying for a person’s medical transfer under the Medivac bill now only have to review a person’s medical file and do not necessarily need to speak directly to them following yesterday’s judgment.

Mr Dutton said he had also been advised that a patient did not necessarily have to provide consent to doctors to put forward his or her case for a medical transfer.

Plibersek is sincere

That’s why this is so worrying. has she thought about the consequences?


The ‘inclusion rider’ was more hollow virtue signalling

Gotta love Holywood telling us what’s what.

In 2018, Frances McDormand lectured Holywood about inclusion.

How’s that working out?

But 15 months later, even though talk of inclusion has come to occupy centre stage in Hollywood and champions of the contractual add-on include Marvel stars Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson, it is hard to identify more than a handful of productions that have adopted the rider outright.

There is the independent film Hala, a coming-of-age tale that Apple acquired at Sundance. Minhal Baig, the film’s writer and director, said she used the rider to hire the production’s department heads, who ended up being all women, and their teams. Female-led company Level Forward, which produced the feature American Woman as well as the Tony-winning show Oklahoma!, also uses riders on all of its productions, according to an executive there.

PS: Isn’t Jodie Foster short.