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The woke will eat itself

Grab the chianti, the woke has gone full Hannibal Lector. Beer isn’t safe. Cheese isn’t safe. Even gay icon like Josh Thomas isn’t safe from the anger of the righteous mob. But if the mob is prepared to get frothy over old tweets, why aren’t they getting mad about The Guardian?

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Right to Know is not about you

Why the Right to Know campaign has nothing to do with free speech, the shocking truth about medivac and Procter & Gamble gives in to the woke brigade again – this time, hurting women.

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Woke is the new socialism

For decades, conservatives have said environmentalism is the new socialism. The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion has confirmed it … the Wallabies becomes activists and are US CEOs regretting their wokeness yet? They should be.

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The db’s on the Twitters


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