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Look, Russians!

The NYT and Democrats are pushing another Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. So are the Mad F-ing Witches about COVID-19 in Victoria. Today on The Breakdown, we examine why they do it and why they work, and who is going to fight back? And we address the major flaw in the National Redress Scheme which shortchanges survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

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Let’s do the LockDan … again!

Who would have thought that thousands of people yelling in each others’ faces would result in the spread of a virus transmitted by droplets? Oh yeah, everyone. But instead of trying to shutdown the protests, they’re fining small businesses $10,000 for having 21 people in their premises eating dinner. And not shouting. Lunacy.

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The recession we have to have

For 30 years Australian Governments have feared recessions, leading to dopey policies to avoid “technical recessions”. Now we’re in a recession that isn’t the government’s fault, we have the chance to initiate good policy to get us out. Early indications are the worst of Rudd are the template for Morrison. God help us

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The experts are wrong again

The experts can’t get anything right with COVID-19. Today we reveal more Treasury screw-ups, bringing the total to $200 billion, and more studies show we overreacted to Kung Flu.

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What shape will the recovery be? A swoosh or a V?

Pessimists say the Kung Flu recovery will be a swoosh. We say it’s more likely to be a V. We’re no longer alone. And the power of the media: the AFP drops charges against Anneka Smethurst and Twitter changes from platform to publisher to fact check Trump. Two decisions that will be regretted.

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The perfect and the good

The experts want COVID-19 dead but with each day it becomes clearer that the perfect is not just getting in the way of the good, it’s destroying lives. And the experts themselves – such as Queensland Chief Health officer Jeannette Young – may not be as pure as they make out to be. And don’t get us started on the latest Trump whistleblower in the US. Oops. Too late.

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The warmenistas want your super

We’re forced to pay into super and it’s meant to be for our retirement, so why is it now the plaything of green wokers? Medevac is gamed just as we predicted, and the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been caught on tape!

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Trump hearts Mueller

Robert Mueller’s report into Trump-Russia was meant to sink Trump. It didn’t. Then Mueller’s testimony today was meant to sink Trump. It didn’t. No wonder Trump now tweets thanks to Dems for holding the hearing.

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Democrats take Trump’s bait

Trump’s tweets about AOC, Ilhan Omar and the rest have been inelegant, but the Democrats took the bait and have now embraced the most radical wing of their party. Big mistake.

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The db’s on the Twitters


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