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ScoMo dances on the third rail

Industrial relations kills Liberal prime Ministers. It’s the third rail. Touch it and you’re setting up a lunch date with Jesus. But yesterday, Scott Morrison jumped on it with both feet. Today we analyse why he’s doing it and why Labor should be petrified.

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Flogging a dead horse with heartstrings

Anthony Albanese has no case against the JobKeeper bungle but he can tug on the heartstrings – the last refuge of a politician flogging dead horse. And the campaign against Dominic Cummings exposes the fascist heart of the hard left – which is why this Brexiteer needs to remain.

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We gotta get out of this place

For months we have been relying on experts to get us through the COVID-19 pandemic but with each passing week, it is becoming clearer that they have no idea what success looks like but failure is clear as a bell and the most likely outcome. If you think we’re going to return to our lives any time soon, you are probably wrong.

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China can’t hide its bogan pride

China has thousands of years of history and learning and accomplishment – but they have thin skin and a fragile ego that’d make a bogan blush. Peter Dutton’s truth bomb exposed their bogan pride on Friday.

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Leigh Sales want ScoMo to lie to you

Journalists used to hold politicians to account. Last night, Leigh Sales urged ScoMo to break his tax promise to you. And how the chairman of Rugby Australia just gave Alan Joyce a very brown sandwich.

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The db’s on the Twitters


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