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Best post-mortem ever

Labor’s 2019 election post-mortem by Emerson and Weatherill is a fantastic analysis of Shorten’s campaign that the media got horrifically wrong

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The warmenistas want your super

We’re forced to pay into super and it’s meant to be for our retirement, so why is it now the plaything of green wokers? Medevac is gamed just as we predicted, and the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been caught on tape!

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Dick Smith cons the media

Dick Smith sold a con about franking credits. A gullible and lazy media fell for it. And the NSW Government learned nothing from the pink batts disaster.

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ABC pays the price for journalism

As soon as SECRET-AUSTEO documents were published by the ABC and News Corp, the AFP was going to come calling. There will be consequences for both, and we must be thankful for the price they’re going to pay.

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Damn it, Jim, I want my bloodbath

Love hasn’t broken out in the ALP but Chris Bowen has faced reality. He’d be flogged like a donkey on market day if he ran against Anthony Albanese. This is a tragedy for sports fans – our only hope is that the unions go to war. Fingers cross

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The db’s on the Twitters


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