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The ABC goes to war

They say you should never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel – it seems no one told the Morrison Government. The ABC has rallied the troops and gone to war. Today on The Breakdown I analyse how the ABC is fighting back against a paper cut as the rest of the economy is losing limbs.

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The experts are wrong again

The experts can’t get anything right with COVID-19. Today we reveal more Treasury screw-ups, bringing the total to $200 billion, and more studies show we overreacted to Kung Flu.

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ScoMo ain’t no Churchill

ScoMo has invoked the language of Winston Churchill in the fight against COVID-19. Prime Minister, you ain’t no Churchil; the NSW Government goes full police state to crack down on drivers this Easter; and how the Victorian DPP played to the crowd in pursuit of Pell.

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Is this the birth of Aussie socialism?

Leftists are claiming the big spending Morrison Government is heralding the socialist revolution. Let’s see: troops in the streets, restricted movement, empty shelves. Sure smells like socialism. But it ain’t. Even though it sucks.

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We’re all screwed

Scott Morrison has promised more than $320 billion to fight the economic devastation of coronavirus. For six months. If he’s wrong, we’re screwed. Intergenerationally.

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Tale of two Prime Ministers not good for Morrison

Last week Paul Keating appeared on 730 and misunderstood superannuation. Yesterday Scott Morrison was blasted for an innocent joke about Pamela Anderson on FM radio. The response to both events highlights the problems Morrison has coming into next year’s election.

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The db’s on the Twitters


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