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Let’s do the LockDan … again!

Who would have thought that thousands of people yelling in each others’ faces would result in the spread of a virus transmitted by droplets? Oh yeah, everyone. But instead of trying to shutdown the protests, they’re fining small businesses $10,000 for having 21 people in their premises eating dinner. And not shouting. Lunacy.

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LockDan to infinity

Dan Andrews orders workers to stay at home and locked down – what should we expect from someone who’s never worked in the real world? Which is possibly why the Pope is also a fan of lockdown to infinity. And why the robodebt backflip is bad new for taxpayers.

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Taking heat out of the coal fight

China is supposedly threatening Australian coal exports – this is not entirely true. Today we breakdown the reality of Australian coal exports to China, why won’t Dan Andrews tell us what was in the Belt and Road agreement with China and the ACT protects the human rights of people who want to bash cops. Seriously.

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Wolf in wolf’s clothing

Why lockdown is the pandemic paradigm and we breakdown China’s bellicose ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy. What is it? Why are they doing it? And why it’s here to stay.

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Dan the brown-nosed panda

The relationship between Australia and China is at its lowest ebb in more than 40 years. It’s time for Australia to stand as one. To be true to our values. No one told Dan Andrews or Tim Pallas who are selling out Australia at every opportunity for tummy rubs and pats on the head from a communist dictatorship.

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The db’s on the Twitters


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