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Angry shot in the Sino Cold War

Today we examine Dan Tehan’s price hike on the humanities. Is it another shot in the culture war?Or is it an angry shot at China in the Sino Cold War? I present the evidence why this is bigger than the media is reporting.

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ScoMo dances on the third rail

Industrial relations kills Liberal prime Ministers. It’s the third rail. Touch it and you’re setting up a lunch date with Jesus. But yesterday, Scott Morrison jumped on it with both feet. Today we analyse why he’s doing it and why Labor should be petrified.

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Wolf in wolf’s clothing

Why lockdown is the pandemic paradigm and we breakdown China’s bellicose ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy. What is it? Why are they doing it? And why it’s here to stay.

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Dan the brown-nosed panda

The relationship between Australia and China is at its lowest ebb in more than 40 years. It’s time for Australia to stand as one. To be true to our values. No one told Dan Andrews or Tim Pallas who are selling out Australia at every opportunity for tummy rubs and pats on the head from a communist dictatorship.

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The horror! The horror!

Josh Frydenberg exposed the true horror of the cost of COVID-19 yesterday – everywhere you look it’s killing the economy and destroying lives. And China has a beef with Australia. What will they wine about next? And a pirate beclowns himself.

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Social engineers want your wallet

We always knew that increasing JobSeeker wouldn’t be temporary, and now the social engineers are making the case for why it should be permanent, completely ignoring its perverse incentives.

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We gotta get out of this place

For months we have been relying on experts to get us through the COVID-19 pandemic but with each passing week, it is becoming clearer that they have no idea what success looks like but failure is clear as a bell and the most likely outcome. If you think we’re going to return to our lives any time soon, you are probably wrong.

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The unsackable Alberici

In a crisis, Australia turns to the ABC. Pray they don’t listen to Emma Alberici. And in the midst of this crisis, guess who the WHO boss sends a birthday greeting to.

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China can’t hide its bogan pride

China has thousands of years of history and learning and accomplishment – but they have thin skin and a fragile ego that’d make a bogan blush. Peter Dutton’s truth bomb exposed their bogan pride on Friday.

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Taxpayers suffer from robodebt’s demise

In theory, robodebt is a good idea: clawing back money that shouldn’t have been paid out to welfare recipients. But the government’s cack-handed approach has been a disaster and taxpayers will suffer … why ScoMo’s Liu defence is loved in Beijing … and a man and a woman have a baby in Canberra

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How dopey is Dastyari?

Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari reckons old mate Huang Xiangmo may be a Chinese Government “agent of influence”. You think, Sam? What gave it away? But there’s a lot more to come out of ICAC. And climate muppet Greta Thunberg has arrived safe and sound and super serious in New York. Yay! Let the hectoring begin …

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Hastie too slow on China

Andrew Hastie’s commentary on China highlights how sleepy, arrogant and unprepared the West was for the inevitable rise of China, which is now spreading its influence everywhere. And why these protestors are dangerous for politics

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Q&A pulls another swifty

Ricci Bartels’ heartbreaking story on Monday night got all the headlines in the post-Q&A wrap but there’s more to the story than you’ve been told … Keating escapes from his crypt … and PNG sells itself to China.

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