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Ita’s been kidnapped

ABC Chair Ita Buttrose has released the most self-serving justification for the ABC you will ever read. There’s only reason for it – she must have been taken hostage and this is the only way she will be released.

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The ABC goes to war

They say you should never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel – it seems no one told the Morrison Government. The ABC has rallied the troops and gone to war. Today on The Breakdown I analyse how the ABC is fighting back against a paper cut as the rest of the economy is losing limbs.

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Bad apples spoiling the batch

The US riots have put a spotlight on race in Australia. As usual, the left is learning the wrong lessons and taking Martin Luther King’s name in vain. Of course, police assaulting a black boy in Sydney isn’t helping. Idiots.

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The chickens are roosting

Newsrooms across Australia are shutting don and journalists are losing their jobs by the bucketload, but when you see how crappy they are, is it any wonder Australians won’t pay for news? And what we get for ‘free’ form the ABC is little better. And US Attorney-General William Barr drops a hammer on the coup plotters.

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COVID-SAFE is blackmail

Make no mistake, Australians are being blackmailed. We are being asked to trade out freedoms for our liberty with COVID-SAFE. This is not a bargain between a people and their government but between a prisoner and their parole board. And what did Trump mean when he saw the light?

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Error 405: Pell acquitted by the High Court

The Pell acquittal should frighten every Australian, even if you hate Pell and the Catholic Church.
Pell’s team spent millions of dollars for the High Court to find that he was denied the fundamental premise of justice in Australia: guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

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Lectures from billionaire hypocrites

Australians can do anything when we come together – everything except have a civil conversation. And as if being lectured by billionaires about climate change isn’t bad enough, now we’re being lectured by a billionaire who owns an airline.

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Q&A pulls another swifty

Ricci Bartels’ heartbreaking story on Monday night got all the headlines in the post-Q&A wrap but there’s more to the story than you’ve been told … Keating escapes from his crypt … and PNG sells itself to China.

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Trump hearts Mueller

Robert Mueller’s report into Trump-Russia was meant to sink Trump. It didn’t. Then Mueller’s testimony today was meant to sink Trump. It didn’t. No wonder Trump now tweets thanks to Dems for holding the hearing.

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The low Dowd

Maureen Dowd is in Australia, and to make the trip a tax deduction she is journalisming for the once-venerable New York Times. She shouldn’t have.

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