This morning, The Daily Breakdown called BS on Malcolm Turnbull’s son acting independently of his father.

This afternoon, the Herald headline says ‘Malcolm Turnbull disagrees with his son on Wentworth by-election, says Scott Morrison’.

Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t agree with his son, who is urging Wentworth voters not to support the Liberal Party in his father’s old seat, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

“I disagree with Alex. His father disagrees with him too,” Mr Morrison told the ABC on Friday.

“His father Malcolm Turnbull is heavily supporting Dave Sharma, the only Liberal candidate running for Wentworth.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

Oh. Well, nothing to see here then.

That’s the ‘evidence’? Scott Morrison says?!? It’s not good enough and no one with any sense should believe it. The comments section of the Herald certainly didn’t buy it and you know how sensible and level-headed Herald commenters are.

Unless and until Malcolm Turnbull comes out from his shell in NY or whatever hole he’s plotting in and denounces his son’s actions, and campaigns for a vote for Dave Sharma, the actions of the father and the son should be seen as one and the same. Any effort to the contrary treats you as a fool.

After the shenanigans and treachery of the past few weeks, we deserve better.