Oakeshott to lose in Cowper.

Barnaby to win in New England.

Sharma to win in Wentworth.

Abbott to lose in Warringah (hopefully this is wrong).

Julia Banks to lose in Flinders.

Frydenberg to romp it in in Kooyong against Yates and Burnside.

Warren Mundine to do itin Gilmore (which is a shame; Grant Schultz would have been a good MP for the Libs).

Sarah Hanson-Young to lose her Senate spot in South Australia.

Clive Palmer to win NOTHING anywhere.

Peter Dutton to be returned in Dickson.

Jim Molan to win from fourth position on the NSW Senate ticket.

And overall … Scott Morrison to remain as PM so salty tears for the left and everyone with a water drop next to their Twitter profile. Especially the idiot sons: Malcolm Turnbull and Simon Holmes a Court.

Those are the fearless predictions, owing more to hope than reason.

Of course, every prediction above could be wrong … but at least they’re stated for posterity. Let’s see how where the chips fall.