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The Australian ($): GetUp donation from foreign interests designed to skirt new laws, Alex Hawke says

The Australian ($): Questions over ‘foreign donations’ to activist group GetUp

Aviva Imhof: the link between the European Climate Foundation and The Sunrise Project.

Aviva Imhof is Deputy Director of the International Energy Programme at the European Climate Foundation (ECF). Aviva has a particular focus on East and Southeast Asia, and joined the team in May 2015. Aviva has extensive senior experience in the energy policy sector and in energy transition in multiple countries and regions around the world, as well as in civil society capacity building.

Prior to the ECF, Aviva worked with The Sunrise Project supporting civil society groups, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, to engage on energy policy choices in support of clean energy transition. Aviva previously worked with International Rivers in Berkeley, California, first as Southeast Asia Programme Director and then as Campaigns Director, managing the organisation’s Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and grant-making programmes.

Sam La Rocca: the link to the Greens, the Sunrise Project, the European Climate Foundation and GetUp.

The emails from Wikileaks:



Who is Sergio Knaebel? He works for the Sandler Foundation.

Meet the Podesta Group (from Wikipedia):

They also received $900,000 in revenue in 2011–2012 from the Brussels-based European Centre for a Modern Ukraine(ECMU), a group sympathetic to then–Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions.[13] As of October 2017, the Podesta Group is reported to be under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for potentially violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act in the course of its work for the ECMU. The Podesta Group was one of six lobbying firms that participated in a 2012–2014 public relations campaign organized by Paul Manafort on behalf of the ECMU and Ukraine’s pro-Russian Party of Regions; the campaign was reportedly designed with the stated goal of improving Ukraine’s standing among Western audiences as a possible prelude to Ukrainian membership in the European Union. A Podesta Group spokesman denied any wrongdoing.[14] On October 30, 2017, a federal grand jury unsealed the indictment of Manafort and his deputy Richard Gates. According to NBC News, the Podesta Group is mentioned in the indictment as one of the companies that lobbied on behalf of the Ukrainian government for Manafort and Gates. On that day, Tony Podesta stepped down as head of the Podesta Group.[15]

The Podesta Group also represented (as of 2016) the interests of Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank of Russia, which controls approximately 30 percent of Russian banking assets.[16]

Submission to the Inquiry into and report on all aspects of the conduct of the 2016 Federal Election and matters related thereto

Minerals Council submission [must read].

Pill testing

Harm reduction is not the same as harm avoidance.

An evaluation of the UK’s first pill testing trial found one in five substances tested at the festival was not what people expected, and among people mis-sold substances, two-thirds chose to hand over further substances to be destroyed.