The Nazis were the worst. That makes them really useful in politics. And very dangerous.

If you compare something to the Nazis – or to an element of the Nazi regime, typically the concentration camps – you have nowhere else to go because you have made a comparison to the worst event and people in human history.

So protests like this are ridiculous.

And the same goes for Donald Trump, of course:

The comparisons had better be very close or else you are belittling the Holocaust. Comparing Pol Pot to the Nazis, for example, would be a fair comparison. It doesn’t degrade the crimes of the Nazis; in fact, it is possibly the best way to view the evil of Pol Pot. It makes what he did easier to understand by using the better-known and studied event.

Which brings us to Father Bob.

Father Bob’s tweet

Father Bob Maguire came to public attention in 2004 when John Safran featured him in John Safran vs God.

He’s lovable. He’s a larrikin. He’s a big hit with the left, mainly because he also slams the Catholic Church frequently. He’s the kind of religious man atheists love because he doesn’t appear to take religion seriously. The Church is stuffy, but Bob is breezy.

He also has a huge social media following: more than 112,000 on Twitter.

On Christmas Day, he tweeted this:

This was on the day that Seven reported that more children had left Nauru. Three children remain.

Children at Auschwitz were never so lucky. The Jews at Auschwitz weren’t free to walk beyond the famous gates of the camp.

Father Bob’s tweet has generated a lot of debate. As usual, the split is on political lines.

There is always room for genuine debate about policy – that’s how you get better policy. Hyperbolic, hysterical and odious comparisons don’t help. Especially to the worst events in history.