‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomacy

For a primer on the newly bellicose Chinese voice, read this from The Australian:

The brash new attitude, playing out on social media, in newsprint and across negotiating tables, marks a turn for China’s once low-key diplomats. It’s part of a deliberate shift within the Foreign Ministry, spurred on by Chinese leaders seeking to claim what they see as their nation’s rightful place in the world, in the face of an increasingly inward-looking US.

China’s state media describe it as a “Wolf Warrior” ethos — named for a nationalistic Chinese film franchise about a Rambo-like soldier-turned-security contractor who battles American-led mercenary groups.

It’s worth the price of the subscription.

More importantly, this is how The Global Times, the CCP’s id, describes Wolf Warrior:

… what’s behind China’s perceived “Wolf Warrior” style diplomacy is the changing strengths of China and the West. When the West falls short of its ability to uphold its interests, it can only resort to a hysterical hooligan style diplomacy in an attempt to maintain its waning dignity. As Western diplomats fall into disgrace, they are getting a taste of China’s “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy.

Moreover, as Chinese diplomacy increasingly reflects the interests of its people, they have become more astute in diplomatic affairs. They are no longer satisfied with a flaccid diplomatic tone.

And this is where the phrase comes from:

More evidence that COVID-19 is a granny killer

… and we picked the wrong strategy.

Read the whole thread:

But how did we choose the wrong strategy? Maybe it had something to do with a book read by George W Bush in 2005:

Dr. Glass’s daughter Laura, then 14, had done a class project in which she built a model of social networks at her Albuquerque high school, and when Dr. Glass looked at it, he was intrigued.

Students are so closely tied together — in social networks and on school buses and in classrooms — that they were a near-perfect vehicle for a contagious disease to spread.

Dr. Glass piggybacked on his daughter’s work to explore with her what effect breaking up these networks would have on knocking down the disease.

The outcome of their research was startling. By closing the schools in a hypothetical town of 10,000 people, only 500 people got sick. If they remained open, half of the population would be infected.

“My God, we could use the same results she has and work from there,” Dr. Glass recalled thinking. He took their preliminary data and built on it by running it through the supercomputers at Sandia, more typically used to engineer nuclear weapons. (His daughter’s project was entered in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2006.)

Dr. Mecher received the results at his office in Washington and was amazed.

If cities closed their public schools, the data suggested, the spread of a disease would be significantly slowed, making this move perhaps the most important of all of the social distancing options they were considering.

What a shame she didn’t do the volcano experiment instead.

Senator Ted Cruz lays Obamagate bare

Whenever anyone starts a tweet with “serious question” you know it isn’t.

Here’s more proof but it’s probably a mistake Gabriel Sherman won’t make again. (Sherman in a ‘journalist’ with Vanity Fair).

Read the entire article for more about why Obamagate is obviously the biggest scandal in US history. Here’s a taste:

The issue is not that Flynn was in conversations with Kislyak, as Cruz clarified, but rather that the surveillance and subsequent alleged perjury trap of Flynn appear to show an effort by the outgoing Obama administration to frame the incoming Trump administration for wrongdoing.

And there is more at The Federalist:

… the targeting of Flynn was coordinated within the inner sanctum of the White House and that both Obama and Biden were deeply involved in the campaign to take down Flynn.

Documents previously released and declassified showed that the FBI never possessed any evidence that Flynn was a secret Russian agent or that he had broken any laws. An FBI electronic communication closing the agency’s counterintelligence investigation against him, which was dated Jan. 4, made clear that “no derogatory information” about Flynn had been obtained during the months-long investigation of Flynn.

This is a big scandal. No wonder Obama is throwing out diversions about race (as always).

Fats Waller (b 1904)

Here’s the great Satchmo doing Waller’s Black and Blue, which also featured on the Satch Plays Fats: the music of Fats Waller album.

We tend to think of Satchmo yakking it up but he could deliver lyrics with power and intensity.