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This man’s an idiot

But Kerri-Anne Kennerley has the right idea (sort of).

Sadly, this man is also not that smart …

And this man used to run our Defence Force.

Let that sink in for a minute:

Former defence chief Chris Barrie says Australia faces a potentially unmanageable security crisis within the next 30 years because of the rise of China and climate change-induced mass migrations.

The retired admiral, who was chief of the defence force from 1998 to 2002, told the Pacific 2019 international maritime expo in Sydney on Wednesday that rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific over the next three decades would make the Atlantic look like a “quiet benign place”.

Admiral Barrie said by 2050, “we will be encircled by China whether we like it or not” as the Asian superpower asserted its maritime superiority throughout the region. And he warned that fresh-water shortages, together with crushing population densities across the Indo-Pacific, could unleash a wave of mass migration towards Australia.

They really are quite mad. It’s like they’ve been imbeded with a chip like in The Kingsman. Remember?

The New Daily goes after the IPA and it’s pathetic

The New Daily is God’s waiting room for journalists.

The exception is Sam Maiden.

But Michael Pasco and Paul Bongiorno, it’s time to leave the building. Your cab is here.

This limp-wristed expose of the IPA must have got them ann excited at Nude Ailey head quarters.

it’s just sad. Their big exposure, one bloke was paid more than a million dollars by a range of oil and gas comopanies. Over more than a decade. So about $100k a year.

Another was paid $20k.

Read it all. You can almost feel the sadness that they found nothing of note.


Hey, big business, Elizabeth Warren is not your friend

We said the US Business Roundtable was playing with fire.

They didn’t listen.

They should be worried now.

Elizabeth Warren, soon to be the Democrats presidential nominee, is not even president (she won’t be, don’t worry) but she’s sending demands like this to US CEOs:

If you, and the other 181 corporate executives who signed the BRT’s new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, plan to live up to the promises you made, I expect that you will endorse and wholeheartedly support the reforms laid out in the Accountable Capitalism Act to meet the principles you endorse. I have attached a copy of the bill.

Remember, they brought all this on themselves.

Go woke, go broke.


Is this old person flirting?

Dear God, she mght be serious: