Bob Brown, go away*

*Heavily edited.

He says he’s a journalist

But he’s acting like an activist.

Journalists aren’t special.

This report shows that the system works without leaks

According to the media, without them you’d know nothing.

Actually, the system in Australia is pretty god. Which is why we know that the Australian Signals Directorate spied on Australians when they shouldn’t have:

The Australian Signals Directorate has disclosed legal breaches including cases of failing to get ministerial authorisation before producing intelligence on Australians and intercepting communications without a warrant.

The annual reports of the ASD and the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security reveal the intelligence and cybersecurity agency has “reported three confirmed breaches of legislation and two potential breaches of legislation to IGIS” in the last financial year.

Save the planet, kill yourself

The climate dopes are truly insane. Here’s their latest:

Many people with asthma could cut their carbon footprint and help save the environment by switching to “greener” medications, UK researchers say.

Making the swap would have as big an “eco” impact as turning vegetarian or becoming an avid recycler, they say.

It’s because some inhalers release greenhouse gases linked to global warming.

But the Cambridge University team told BMJ Open patients must check with a doctor before changing medication.

Some patients will not be able to switch and should not be made to feel guilty, they add.

Dying will cut your footprint 100 per cent. So there’s that.

Happy birthday, Kinky (b 1944)

One of the great underappreciated singers and songwriters, Kinky Friedman today turns 75.

Please enjoy the occasion. If you’re on the Spotify, listen to his recent albums. He is far more serious these days and his interpretation of songs like A Nightingale in Berkely Square is superb.