Turnbull has a new job. … but it’s Nick Warner we’re interested in

Malcolm Turnbull will be joining Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Future Industries (AFR $).

FFI has big plans. Forrest wants it to become one of the world’s biggest renewable energy players.

In November he told investors Fortescue plans to eventually produce 235 gigawatts of renewable energy, or five times the current capacity of Australia’s National Energy Market.

According to The Australian ($),

The mining billionaire has been travelling the world stitching up early stage agreements to develop renewable energy projects and green industry precincts in developing nations such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Afghanistan and beyond.

Last week Fortescue said it planned to pump as much as 10 per cent of its annual profits into its clean energy ventures in the future.

Meet Nick Warner – no wonder Andrew Forrest gave him a job

Nick Warner AO PSM most recently served as the Director-General of the Office of National Intelligence (ONI) – Australia’s peak intelligence agency which reports directly to the Prime Minister. Before his time at the ONI, Nick served as the Director-General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (2009-2017), the Secretary of the Department of Defence (2006-2009) and Senior Adviser (International) to the PM (2005- 2006).

In his career as a diplomat, Nick served in roles including Australian Ambassador to Iran (1994-1997), High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea (1999-2003) and Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.

Warner begins his role with FFI any day now.

Which is interesting as he left the public service in December. December 2020.

And now Warner’s going to be a special advisor to a company and corporate entity with massive, deep interest in China.

Hey women, did you enjoy your time in the sun?

Hope so, because now it’s over. You are being erased faster than ever.