Something is rotten in the state of Australia – and Australian states.

Only today (27 September) did the NSW premier and ACT chief minister give hope to their citizens that they would be leaving the seemingly interminable lockdowns.

Freedom Day is 15 October. If you are vaccinated.

This is not the way life is supposed to be in Australia.

Yes, there is a pandemic, but no government should dictate how many visitors you can have in your house if you haven’t had a medical procedure. It’s your house. What right does the government have?

But the battle is lost.

This week’s episode focused on the lockdown protests in Victoria, in particular. And they were peaceful until the polcie started beating the pulp out of their fellow citizens.

There must be a reckoning.

CNN screenshot

Um, no. That’s not peaceful.

If this incident garnered hundreds of angry editorials:

Why is the media silent incidents like this?

It’s because the commentators don’t care about police brutality when it is against people they don’t like.

Protest reactions
Indigenous man leg swept in Sydney
Christian Porter/Sarah Hanson-Young