Read my column about the climate strike in RiotACT:

Greta pops before our eyes

No one can take joy in this – it’s sad.

But it’s the moment we reached peak Greta.

Virtue signalling as only someone worth $10 bn can

Isn’t it great to cop a lecture from a billionaire like Mike Cannon-Brookes?

Watch Mike Cannon-Brookes virtue-signal from New York about climate change.

Onya, Mike!

We told you about this months ago

Trump is on the story today, but The Daily Breakdown was on it months ago (27 May, to be exact). Just saying …

And here’s Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani setting off the bomb under Biden.

As we said in May, Biden is toast.

Media endorses censorship

Chris Warren used to be the head of the journalists union, the MEAA.