For the love of God, NO!

The Westboro Baptist catastrophists

The longer the media behaves like this, the more they rsemble the fruit loops of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Michael Rowland is just the worst:

Ooops. Might have spoken too soon. Some competition has emerged – Bernard Keane in Crikey:

These are preventable deaths, caused by fossil fuel industry-funded politicians here and overseas blocking climate action at every turn.

Read the thoughts of a rural firefighter. Tyson Smith seems to make a bit of sense.

This is the cost of climate policy – higher wholesale electricity prices:

Fresh figures from the energy regulator could stoke worries about skyrocketing wholesale power prices in Victoria, after a 63 per cent slump in the state’s surplus generation capacity in 2018-19 to the lowest for at least seven years.

Average spot prices in the state, which have been on the rise since 2014-15, shot up another 25 per cent last financial year to a record $129.29 a megawatt-hour – and are now almost four times the level of four years ago.

Anonymous uses secondhand sources to whack Trump

Washington is all aflutter with a new book by Anonymous that says all kinds of nasty things about Trump and the Trump White House. One of the dopiest and completely unsubstantiated claims is that VP Mike Pence considered invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.


White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham derided the book as a “work of fiction” and its anonymous author as a “coward”.


Isn’t the press meant to love whistleblowers?

The media is meant to love whistleblowers. They love preaching about Your Right To Know and thier own valour.

Not true.

They love some whistleblowers. The ones that hurt conservatives.

Last week the media was saying that the whistleblower who has helped kick off the Ukraine impeachment hearings should be protected at all costs.

Here is Fairfax’s Matthew Knott – tying himself in, you know whats – to justify not naming the whistleblower:

Journalistic ethics preclude reporters from revealing their own anonymous sources, but not necessarily from identifying other unnamed figures. They are still usually averse to do so given investigative reporting relies on whistleblowers coming forward.

Ethics? Bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahahaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaa.

Please, continue:

The public interest in revealing the whistleblower’s identity would have to outweigh the public interest in encouraging people to blow the whistle, so the thinking goes.

A spokeswoman for The Washington Post said the paper “has long respected the right of whistleblowers to report wrongdoing in confidence, which protects them against retaliation”.

Identifying the whistleblower that has helped instigate an impeachment hearing is entirely necessary. It goes to motivation, Including the motivation of the press in not reporting the identity of that person.

The whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella. (Breitbart broke the story – he has deep tied to the Democrats. Quelle surprise!)

That’s the first part of this story – the media protecting a whistleblower who hated Trump. That means he is owed all the protections the media can invest (including the lie that naming him is a crime in the US- it’s not).

Now we have exhibit B. What happens when the media doesn’t like a whistleblower.

Last week, Project Veritas released this footage of an ABC (US) news anchor on 19 August 2019 talking about the Jeffrey Epstein allegations – and how ABC News helped hide it.

These were released by a whistleblower at ABC who no longer worked at the network, according to an internal ABC investigation. The whistleblower worked at CBS. She’d worked there for four days.

ABC News then contacted CBS – a direct and decades-long competitor – to inform CBS of the identity of the alleged whistleblower.

She was sacked by CBS.

The alleged whistleblower – now exposed by a media outlet – explains to Megyn Kelly that she was not the whistleblower, and Project Veritas has confirmed she wasn’t the leaker:

ABC said the Robach story was not sufficiently developed to be broadcast (or, it seems, investigated further). Think on that next time someone comes forward with uncorroborated allegations against a conservative. Or someone they don’t like. Like Brett Kavanaugh. Or Trump.