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Good news about the Senate to start the day

It doesn’t get much better than this:

Sarah Hanson-Young is facing an uphill battle in her bid to be re-elected to the Senate, with a new poll showing support for the Greens on the slide.

A YouGov Galaxy poll, conducted last week and released today by The Advertiser, found primary support for the Greens in the South Australian seat of Sturt at 6 per cent — a drop of 1.1 per cent since the 2016 election.

Put up your feet, grab a drink and enjoy the whole story.

And some grotty news from the Senate

This story is everywhere. if you must watch the embarrassment of One nation senator Steve Dickon in a Washington strip club, the footage can be found here.


The Leader’s Debate

The great mystery of this campaign is how Bill Shorten has managed to hide inner snark for so long.

Watch this response from Scott Morrison … and listen to Bill Shorten at the 28-second mark say “wow!”

He’s not quite right, is old Bill.

Kristina Kenneally’s low blow

Maybe Bill’s bad attitude is because he’s been hanging round Kenneally too long. This is grotty.