GetUp has a moment of reflection

But admits no wrong for a campaign that was disastrous.

In an interview with Michelle Grattan at The Conversation, GetUp says it’s now fighting for freedom of the press. Really? All the press? Because in march they were protesting against the Murdoch media.

And they openly supported this man against Josh Frydenberg in kooyong:

The battle for Hong Kong comes to Brisbane

This is a worry:

Pro-Hong Kong and pro-China students have clashed at the University of Queensland during a protest against Hong Kong’s controversial extradition law.

When Chinese students protest, it is fair to say the Chinese Government has its fingers in the pie.

Why does the ABC print this crap?

This article is pure garbage

The winning dish was a Szechuan pavlova cooked by a young Lebanese-Australian woman.

Name a combination that better sums up the culinary confluence that is contemporary Australian cuisine.

As Larissa Takchi lifted the trophy, becoming the youngest competitor to ever win MasterChef Australia, conferring the honours were three middle-aged white men.

And this is what makes it even worse. this is the author who rails against “middleaged white men”:

As Clint EAstwood might say: “That’s mighty white of you, Jack.”