Fitzsimons is lazy, an idiot or both

This column is uncommonly stupid. Even for Peter Fitzsimons. Here’s a taste:

Goodness! It is a weird thing to call your Missus and suddenly find yourself chatting for 10 minutes to the most popular political leader in the world, but so it proved on Friday.

I’d forgotten my wife was interviewing Jacinda Ardern for The Sunday Project on Channel Ten and my call came through just as they were wrapping up. The most fascinating thing about the New Zealand Prime Minister, of course, is that even though the politics of the world is drifting to feral right, she is the beacon for how politics can be done – progressive, inclusive, considered – and still romp home at elections.

What’s shocking is that every journalist should know what Adern became NZ PM through a coalition agreement with Winston Peters’ New Zealand First party.

It was not a “romp”.

He’s either too lazy to check, he’s an idiot or both. Actually, there is an option D, he doesn’t care.

Albo too smart to fall for the bait

Anthony Albanese had an easy point of opposition to Peter Dutton and he would have been applauded by his natural constituency had he grabbed it with both hands.

But he was too smart for it. There might be more fight in Labor than the Liberals first thought:

A lot more fight:

Ardern is wrong on many fronts

And here’s the truth: you need Australia more than Australia needs you.

BTW Ardern’s plane broke down. If she wants to return to NZ, she could break the law, or we could give her a magic feather.

Impeach Trump to shut him up

Al Green may not understand the concept of free speech:

Rep.Al Green (D-Texas) doubled down on his calls for impeachment, insisting it is the “only solution” to President Trump’s rhetoric.

“This is a president now standing before a crowd of people who have moved from ‘lock her up’ to ‘send her back,’” Green told Hill.TV on “Rising.”

“This is unbelievable in this country,” he continued. “If somebody doesn’t take a stand, there will be no guardrails for this president.”

“He disrespects the court, he disrespects Congress — at some point we must take this seriously and impeach him — that is the only solution,” he added.

The Texas lawmaker also made it clear that he intends to continue to push for impeachment, saying “we cannot allow bigotry to rear its ugly head at the highest level of government.”

God hits the smite button

This is awesomely good – even though someone died:

A professional hunter was killed when an elephant that had just been shot fell on top of him, according to reports.

It makes the heart sing that God has such a great sense of humour.