First, sorry this is later than usual, sports fans, life got in the way (it happens).

So without further ado, here are the bits you need to know from this week’s podcast.

Donald Rumsfeld

One of the giants of the swamp died last week, former Bush Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

He first served as Defense Secretary under Gerald Ford from 1975 to 77 and then again from 2001 to 2006 making him both the youngest and oldest to hold the post.

He was a congressman.

A representative to NATO.

He headed companies – he was a Princeton graduate.

One helluva life.

And last week he died. Which brought out the absolute worst in the left – of course, it doesn’t take much.

This is one helluva thread from Drew Holden. Read it all (there’s even more than we had on the Breakdown).

Here’s but a taste:

And this shows they were just as stupid when he was alive:

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has won a “Foot in Mouth” award for one of his now legendary bizarre remarks.

Mr Rumsfeld won the prize for comments made at a news conference in February last year which left observers baffled.

“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns,” he said.

The British Plain English Campaign annually hands out the prize for the most nonsensical remark made by a public figure.

Actually, in about 10 words, he explained knowledge perfectly.

Happy Fourth of July from the Bag of Farts™

Hey, Facebook, it’s a joke. No need to fact check it, you dolts.

Super ain’t all that super

Your superannuation is going up. Don’t be too happy – you’re paying. Maybe not today, but next time you expect a pay rise. Yeah, then you’ll know about it.

That’s how super works – the worker pays for it.

Check this out from Peter Martin for the shocking truth the super funds and the politicians (especially Labor ones) aren’t telling you.

And for the record, Peter Martin was at the ABC. He’s now at the ANU.

Your super went up to 10 per cent in the private sector.

At the ABC they get 15.4 per cent.

At the ANU they get 17 per cent.

You know why? Because they get idiots to pay it for them. People like us. Sorry to P on your parade.

Links for Dark Emu and 18C

Canada to Make Online Hate Speech a Crime.

Harmful: warning issued to ‘race shifters’:

In the US they are known as “race-shifters”; in Canada they are “Pretendians”; and in Australia, they are more commonly known as “box-tickers” – people who discover, or else simply claim an Indigenous or First ­Nations heritage for themselves.

Some do so because they want to adopt a more exotic profile; others because being “just white” doesn’t have quite the cachet it once did, especially in academia.

Get a subscription and read it all.

For poops and giggles: Trudeau says he can’t recall how many times he wore blackface makeup.

The NFL is only saying what we all thought