This is how a journalist skewers fools

And he doesn’t yell. He just sits calmly and lets them talk. it’s brilliant. The accent might also help:

This is why the Liberals will keep being re-elected

Keeping a strong economy is one thing, but the culture matters as well:

Three more dual nationals in Syria have been stripped of Australian citizenship as the government grapples with what to do with foreign fighters and their families being held by Kurdish-led forces.

The government last month said 14 people had been stripped of their Australian citizenship since 2015, but The Australian can reveal that number has now reached 17. Of those, five were cancelled this year.

And if John Hewson doesn’t like you then you must be doing something right:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison would have us believe that he is putting Australia “first”, and is governing primarily to reflect the values and aspirations of the “quiet Australians” he would also have us believe gave him his “miracle” election win.

It only took two pars before he mentioned climate change.