It seems as though the tyranny is coming to an end on the eastern seaboard of Australia. Probably.

As the vaccines are starting to reduce hospital admissions (if not case numbers at this stage), the politicians are stepping forth to grab the glory of returning our freedoms.

There is also evidence that when you reduce restrictions – paradoxically – case numbers may fall.

There are some caveats, but if echoed in Australia as seen in Norway and Denmark – our experts have some explaining to do.

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Michael Slater pays the price for having a big mouth

Slater should not have been sacked for making the government angry:

Former Australian cricketer ­Michael Slater has been dumped by the Seven Network just months after he accused Scott Morrison of having “blood on his hands” in a social media tirade.

The 51-year-old, a commentator for Seven since 2018, posted those remarks after the commonwealth closed international borders to travellers from India in May. Slater – in the Maldives at the time – demanded the Prime Minister “come and witness dead bodies on the street”.

But according to Seven, it’s not related to his Twitter whinge:

The decision not to renew Slater’s contract was unrelated to his comments about Mr Morrison, Mr Martin said, and his was the only cricket commentators’ contract to have expired.

“It’s not related to that,” Mr Martin said on Tuesday. “His contract was up and I had to make a prudent business decision. He’s a ripping guy, a great commentator but I had to make that hard executive decision, so we are not renewing his ­contract.”

Seven may not be being entirely truthful.

Anti-vax tax

What’s interesting about this piece is not the idea that we should tax people who don’t take the jab, but what else could we tax?

A tax for fat people?

For diabetics who don’t control their diet?

Or does this only work for people the experts don’t like and want to coerce?

The anti-vax tax or AVT could be a surcharge to the Medicare levy, to be paid by all those without double jabs as documented by their myGov account.

Funds could pay for more hospital wards, as well as more medical staff and equipment. Once that second jab appears on someone’s myGov account, the AVT would disappear in recognition of a job well done. Cash could even be set aside as a bonus payment to those who get vaccinated.

If Perrottet were Muslim would Peter Fitz be angry?

No. Ne, he would not. But Catholics bad: