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Because there’s no point being a sellout if you’re stuck in cattle class:

A note on the Chairman’s Lounge – it’s by invitation only from the boss of Qantas, in this case, Alan Joyce.

It is almost always extended to parliamentarians. It is a gift to be declared on the Parliamentarian’s Gift Register. It is all above board. But it is a bribe for all and it’s in plain sight. It is done to make life easier for Qantas when dealing with politicians.

It is a disgrace.

The Indian travel ban

The Australian Government copped it during the week from a bunch of spoiled brats, like Michael Slater.

So much wrong, it’s impossible to know where to start:

For the record, if it’s racist when the Australian Government does it, is anyone able to find reports labelling the New Zealand ban racist? It’s almost as though there are double standards.


A 59-year-od Australia has died in India.

Here are the first two pars of the story from The Guardian:

An Australian permanent resident has died of Covid-19 while stranded in India, days after the government’s strict ban on arrivals from the country began.

The family of the 59-year-old claim their father was “disowned” by the Australian government before he died. Now, they are pleading for help so their mother, who is also stuck in India, can return to Australia so they can grieve together.

But you have to get waaaaaaay down in the article before you get some useful facts that might make some people go Hmmmmmm:

Ralhan told SBS News her parents travelled to India towards the end of last year and had been unable to secure flights back to Australia since – a symptom of the fluctuating number of quarantine spaces in Australia and the resulting impact on flight cancellations and ticket costs.

She said her father, who she has chosen not to identify, heard news of Australia’s entry ban while sick, “then his condition kept on deteriorating” while in a private hospital in New Delhi.

Ralhan said that without consular help, she was left to track down oxygen for her father in his final days.

“My father was still conscious and he heard the news. He got the email from the Australian government regarding the new rule and everything. He was sick, and in that condition, receiving this news really panicked him,” she told SBS.

Ralhan says her pleas for help – for repatriation or even assistance in obtaining her father a desperately needed ventilator – were ignored.

Cases in India have been steadily rising until April 2021 when they went through the roof, so why would you travel to such a place?

And why would you when seek to come back not only when cases spike but when your condition is deteriorating and India is in crisis?

And for The Guardian, why would you leave those details t the end of ht story? It’s almost as though you knew it kind of killed the case the daughter was trying to make.

The Derek Chauvin conviction for death of George Floyd is not over

Sure, the trial has ended, but the case has a lot more twists and turns. Starting here:

Legal experts suspect that a Chauvin trial juror’s recently revealed participation in an event touting Black Lives Matter and supporting George Floyd’s family could lead to the verdict against former police officer Derek Chauvin to be overturned.

Yeah, it’s not over.

She’s proud to be everything … except American

if you haven’t seen this video, brace yourself. It. Is. Extraordinary.

And it tells you a lot.

These are actual quotes from the video:

“I am a woman of color”.

“I am a cisgender millennial”.

“I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder”.

“I am intersectional”.


It tells you how the commanding heights of the US have been captured by the left, how a patriotic love of the US is no longer seen as a value worth celebrating, and how wokism is slowly eroding everything that used to be of value in the US.

It is worth noting that she is surrounded by diversity awards.

Ig you listen carefully, you can hear the Chinese Communist Party laughing as they decide which of the world’s spoils they will take first.

Inflation in the US is on the rise

The annual inflation rate in the US jumped to 2.6% in March of 2021 from 1.7% in February, slightly above market forecasts of 2.5%.

It is the highest reading since August of 2018 with main upward pressure coming from energy (13.2% vs 3.7% in February), namely gasoline (22.5% vs 1.6%), electricity (2.5% vs 2.3%) and utility gas service (9.8% vs 6.7%).

What this means is that if you are an average earner, the essentials in life got a lot dearer.

This is the consequence of Biden’s policies. Read the full horror at The Federalist.

Steven Miles is the true contrast

He tries to play this off as a slip of the tongue.

No, professional useless person, it was just more games playing.

We really need more serious people in politics.

Troy Bramston is a great writer, but this is bullshit

From the first par:

Joe Biden has always been a moderate, centrist, pragmatic Democrat. This was central to his election as president. Now, after 100 days in office, Biden is pursuing a bold and progressive agenda that expands and transforms the role of government and raises taxes on the wealthy. It is not a return to the left-wing politics of old, but rather a fashioning of a new political centre.

No, he has been a deal-making professional useless person who has allowed corruption but his own family as they trade on his name and his status. To the last:

It was thought Biden would be a transitional president. He would bring normality back to politics, with stability and coherence in policymaking along with dignity and respect in the White House, and depart after one term. But he plans to run for a second term. His first 100 days shows he has ambitions to be a transformational president. And to do that, Biden is redefining the political centre.

Troy, either half the dose or double it; either way, every paragraph of your article is fricking lunacy. You will look back on this column and regret every word of it because it is shit.