Julie Bishop’s Magical Speaking Tour

The AFR says Julie Bishop gets paid $15 k a pop to speak at events. Which might explain this:

If this is Photoshopped, keep it to yourself. Don’t ruin the laughs (it’s not, by the way, you can follow the link).

Peter Martin know stuff because he’s a journalist

But he doesn’t know much.

He’s wrong on so many levels. Including this one: thermal coal can be used to create hydrogen. How do we know? Because AGL is thinking of doing it at Loy Yang in the Latrobe Valley.

Come with me if you want to pollute

This is Arni cycling with Greta.

This is Arni going to the shops.


Impeachment’s new gold standard for evidence: hearsay!

This is not working out well for the Democrats and it’s only Day One.

In case the name Scalise rings a bell, he was the Republican shot at the congressional baseball game by a Bernie Sanders supporter. That doesn’t make it Bernie’s fault – just remember that next time Trump is blamed for the actions of a shooter.

Watch Jim Jordan take Ambassador Bill Taylor apart. Pure gold:

Kellyanne Conway hijacked by gutter ‘journalist’ Wolf Blitzer


Gotta love Jane Caro

Everything is the fault of people she doesn’t like.