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The media backlash against Folau wasn’t enough; he’s now been removed from GoFundMe and the money is being returned. Presumably, without GoFundme taking a 7.5% commission which is their standard fee.

But we can expect more petty columns like this:

When Israel Folau began his club and code-hopping journey more than a decade ago he left Melbourne for Brisbane, tearfully telling Storm fans that his father ordered him to sign with the Broncos.

Since then, both father and son have laughed all the way to the bank.

And it goes on.

Interesting that the case has been made that GoFundMe can kick him off their platform as they’re a private company. Presumably the same is now tru of bakers who choose not to bake cakes for gay weddings?

What about sporting clubs that choose to look at the whole transgender issue and, well, not quite take it as seriously as sports administrators?

They’ll be in trouble is what:

Sporting clubs have been asked to adopt a series of new gender guidelines which would allow transgender children to compete against any sex they identify as and pressure clubs to pay for sanitary bins in both male and female bathrooms.

Read it all.

Prevalence of transgender people

This 2017 study sheds light on the number of transgender people in society.

Spoiler alert: it’s about 0.7 per cent.

What’s at stake

When some conservative voices are silenced, it won’t be long before they all are.