There is nothing inherently good about diversity and the pursuit of diversity at all costs – as is the goal now at Collingwood – is idiotic.

Diversity is neither good not bad.

The question is whether it is appropriate for the circumstances. Is it good to have a linguistically diverse workforce? Sure – so long as they can speak the language of the people they’re dealing with.

Would diverse views be welcome in the military? When devising a plan, maybe. When implementing? Probably not so much. Time to fall into line, boys and girls. What if those diverse troops you have decided that they prefer the diversity of the other side?

The New Zeland Parliament is now the most diverse in that country’s history. We will have to wait and see whether this is a good or bad thing, but it seems odd that some of the most celebrated people int his new utopia don’t seem to like the country they are now in the parliament of … like this fella, Ricardo Menéndez March, a “proud socialist, transgressive queer”.

Ricardo Menéndez March

Ricardo Menéndez March is now in the NZ Parliament.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with him being in the NZ parliament, except he doesn’t seem to like the country which has taken him in.

He doesn’t like the traditions such as swearing allegiance to the Queen. Makes you wonder, if he doesn’t like the country, why is he there?