The ‘impeachment whistleblower’ complaint is released

The complaint looks like a nothing burger from a ‘witness’ who wasn’t there.

It is well written, though. If that counts for anything (it doesn’t).

Yes, the use of Greta Thunberg is child abuse

The Breakdown has been saying for months now that the use of Greta Thunberg is actually child abuse.

Watch her when asked a question at the UN Summit. She is so out of her depth it is embarrassing. So how is that not use and abuse?

Notice this didn’t get the same airplay as her shouting, hysterical performance.

Was this is a ‘mistake’ or fraud?

A major scientific paper, which claimed to have found rapid warming in the oceans as a result of manmade global warming, has been withdrawn after an amateur climate scientist found major errors in its statistical methodology.

The paper, from a team led by Laure Resplandy of Princeton University, had received widespread uncritical publicity in the mainstream media when it was published because of its apparently alarming implications for the planet. However, within days of its publication in October 2018, independent scientist Nic Lewis found several serious flaws.

Yesterday, after nearly a year’s delay, the paper was officially withdrawn.

Nic Lewis said

This is just the latest example of climate scientists letting themselves down by using incorrect statistics. The climate field needs to get professional statisticians involved up front if it is going to avoid this kind of embarrassment in future”.

Dr Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Forum, said

Climatology is littered with examples of bad statistics, going back to the infamous Hockey Stick graph and beyond. Peer review is failing and it is falling to amateurs to find the errors. Scientists in the field should be embarrassed”.

But this is what you might have seen instead – the alarmist reports:

Cancel culture is a disease